Supermessage – A Hero is Born

  1. 11/22/12 – Able to leap tall tales in a single bound. Is it a word, is it a saying, no, it’s Supermessage. Lurking in every person is the spirit of their own Supermessage. This story starts with my own since it is the only one that is mine. The only way to explain this Super Hero known as Supermessage is through Super Stories which begin right now. At this moment I look back at all of the times which Supermessage had saved my life. The first Super Story begins on 11/22/1960 which is the day that Supermessage was born. It was a little crowded in the birth chamber because of a second soul in the womb (room). That spirit will tell its own story for it is not mine to tell. Stay tuned for the birth of a Super Hero.

    01/08/13 – Over the last several weeks a massive yellow/greyish fog had descended over the Earth. As it got lower and lower the buildings started to disappear. Yesterday all I could see was a fog encompassing everything that was about 50 feet or taller. This was in every direction. Oh no, the fog is now descending and at this rate it could engulf the entire world in about 10 minutes. It looks hopeless! “What have I left undoneā€? The fog is just above my house top. This looks like the end! Oh wait. There is a flashing light emanating from the fog in the northeast direction. It is starting to get brighter and brighter. There is a sound vibrating from that direction. The fog has now come to a complete halt about 3 feet above my head. A Flash and a ‘BANG’ as my senses go numb and a mild faintness overcomes me. As I hit the ground the fog starts to lift. Faster and faster it rises into the sky until it is completely gone. The sky is now completely visible as it had been before this great tragedy. What happened? As I look into my heart I could see a glowing light slowly going faint until it totally disappears. I now know how the Earth was saved. It was my/our superhero “Supermessage”. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures. ASH

    07/13/14 – For the last 18 months much has happened to transcend the world into chaos. The effervescent motions of the vibrations that embody the universe have been frigidly calm. The states of emotions embodying the spiritual containers that inhabit this realm have been silent beyond deafeningly limitations. The state of affairs has been halted and rising stillness has gone astray. The vocabulary of merriment and upheaval upon us offers only repentance. Free will is being taxed among us all and all appears to be hopeless. What, who, where, have I gone astray? Help is just a fizzle of a myth that wreaks thoughts that rival the heart. A strange darkness appears in front of me that is fixed upon the swirling light that embodies me. The reality infixed in my being begins to demystify. Wisdom and truth dissipates like the wind inside a vacuum. A sense of awe relishes across my boughs with a bosom like tremble. I hear silence rumbling inside of me that instills an internal reckoning that shatters. Does all of this really matter? Is this what it has taken to wake up the eptitude of my soul?